Muddy Mutleys is a family friendly positive reinforcement dog training school. Founded by Clare Grierson, a qualified Animal Behaviourist and Kennel Club Companion Dog Trainer, we offer fun group training online.

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Best dog trainer/daycare in Enfield

Clare and the whole team at Muddy Mutleys are amazing and professional.

Clare is brilliant and really knows dogs and loves them.

She structures all sessions in a way that you are constantly learning, tailored to individual needs and stimulating for the dog.

The lessons are always fun and enjoyable with great tips to take into the ‘real’ world.

Clare is always help with your individual challenges as well..

In these challenging times, Clare is now providing online video lessons so we can maintain training whilst isolated...

Really can’t recommend them highly enough...


We reached out to Clare after having some difficulty with our new dog with separation anxiety and dog reactivity. Due to the current situation of covid-19 our 1:1 training was turned into a virtual video training which I will admit we were unsure of how it would work.

However Clare made it work perfectly and we left feeling incredibly positive and with so much helpful advice.

Clare puts in a lot of work to make sure she gets to know you and your dog before the actual call so everything you speak about feels tailored to you and your dog.

I'd highly recommend this service to anyone. We thought we would manage through YouTube searches and blogs but having Clare to speak to who is clearly so passionate about helping was truly invaluable. Now is the perfect time to make use of some virtual training, I would really recommend this not just as an alternative but as a primary option!

Thank you Clare!


Hi, I am Clare, founder of Muddy Mutleys,

A Canine Behaviour Practitioner, ISCP.Dip.Canine. Prac.

A Full Member of ICB.

An Associate Certified Behaviourist with the IAABC

OCN Level 5: Analysis and Application

Fully Accredited Member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers: 01328

Fully Accredited KCAI Kennel Club Trainer (CD)

A Full Professional Member of INTODogs,

Full Professional Member of the International Companion Animal Network: 407 and 229

Tellington TTouch Practitioner Apprentice

A Dog Aid UK Trainer. 

I am an accredited Real Dog Yoga Instructor, an accredited DogFit Canicross Instructor and an accredited Scentwork UK Instructor levels 2-4. 

I am also a Tutor, I run ISCP London and I am the Co-ordinator of Practical Study Days and Events for the International School of Canine Psychology and Behaviour. 

And this is Mutley, my business partner, Canicross and Agility Partner, Qualified PAT dog and an all round fabulous Cockapoo.

Having spent my childhood surrounded by a wide variety of animals and now being the carer of a much loved canine, two cats, two rats, a corn snake, a bearded dragon, fourteen fish and a fat old frog, a whole food chain (!) it is my opinion that having animals in the family brings love and laughter (poo & noise) to any home for young and old alike.

I founded Muddy Mutleys to help others enjoy and get the most from the wonderful experience of having a non-human companion.