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Puppy Socialisation; What is it actually?

What is Puppy Socialisation; Let's start with what it isn't. It isn't making sure your puppy says hello to every dog within your local community. This can sometimes have the opposite effect on what we are trying to achieve, which is a happy confident and well adjusted dog. Therefore,...


Moving Home?

Moving home is a very exciting time, but it is also a stressful time. For us and our pets. We know that dogs can pick up on our emotions so this can be a time of disruption and uncertainty for them. But there are things we can do to minimise this which will benefit them and us in the long...


Covid-19 and the effect on our dogs.

One of the big challenges that we are looking at as Animal Behaviorists is the impact that lock-down is going to have on our pets when things do go back to “normal”, whatever that is going to be. Many of our pets have become very used to us being around 24/7 and suddenly we will, from their...