Canicross is Canine cross country running. 

It originated from skijoring and it is off road, hands-free running with your dog.

It is also the safest way of running with your dog.

For you, the dog and the public.

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Hi, I am Clare, and this is Tiff, Misty and Mutley.

Tiff joined me for Canicross a few years ago.

Since taking up the sport Tiff has seen a massive improvement in Misty’s behaviour.

"She is a lot calmer at home and when we go out on our normal walks there’s no pulling on the lead anymore.

It has also been great for her to socialise with other dogs regularly which is helping her build up her confidence.

Misty is a bundle of energy and I was struggling to find ways to channel her energy. This is where canicross came in!

It has helped build up her fitness but also gives her the chance to let her energy out in a fun way.

Why not join us. All breeds, and abilities welcome.

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The Canicross Course

This is a free course to Members of the Muddy Mutley Canicross Runners

This course will give you training tips to practice to ensure you have the cues you need for canicrossing with your dog or to really tighten up on them. These can be practiced with young dogs in preparation for when they are old enough to take part. So you are right ready to go!